Dontea' Mitchell-Hunter, LMFT

Sex: Female

Description of Counselor/Practice

You want to break-free from your heartbreaking on-and-off again relationship and discover who you authentically are, not who others want you to be, but you know you can’t do it alone. I love working with clients to re-identify who they are post-breakup and who they want to be now. The weight of perfectionism, constant people-pleasing, anxiety, the pressure to match the expectations of others, and feeling the need to change yourself for your partner can lead to feeling like you’re never good enough or that you’re too much for others. Because I’ve gone through this too, I know the work it takes to get out. Together, we can explore what it means to self-love, accept yourself, and re-identify who you are based on your personal values and beliefs and not the beliefs of someone else. Loving yourself is hard to do when we spend so much time trying to better ourselves for the other. In reality, the best relationships are the ones where you can be true to yourself, your values, and your core beliefs. I get so excited to help my client’s re-identify who they are post-breakup and who they want to be now. Being able to break-free from the pressures can re-create happiness, self-worth, self-love, confidence and overall empowerment. I also provide supervision to interns, associates and fully licensed clinicians. I am a WA approved Supervisor and an AAMFT Supervisor Candidate. I get excited just thinking about working with a "new to the field" therapist because those early years are challenging, exciting, full of doubts, and the constant "I suck at being a therapist", you probably don't, it's just that imposter syndrome likes to make you think you are not ready. It's especially common for a therapist of color. My purpose for providing clinical supervision is to help supervisees attend to (1) self-of-therapist while (2) both being a gatekeeper and (3) enhancing their own clinical skills through self-supervision. If you want to know more about how I work, let's schedule a consultation. I look forward to getting to know you!

Phone: 2064149474



Ethnicities Counselor Identifies As
(or has Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist designation in)

African American

Languages Counseling Provided In
(in addition to English)


(trained in / integrates into counseling)


Client Types


Client Ages

Adults Age:19-64

Insurance Accepted



Soirées In Therapy, LLC
Seattle WA 98144

Organization: Soirées In Therapy, LLC

Offers online counseling

WA approved supervisor

Available for consult

Cost: $260 per session

College: Valdosta State University

Degree: Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

Year Graduated: 2014

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