About Us

MulticulturalCounselors.org is about connection: connecting communities of color/culture with counselors who understand and connecting counselors of color/culture with a network of support.

People of color/culture spend our daily lives as "minorities" navigating a "majority" culture. Seeing a counselor or clinical supervisor doesn't have to be another place where you speak for / explain your culture. Other counselor listings primarily search by location, but the closest counselor isn't always the best fit. MulticulturalCounselors.org gives you the opportunity to search by the things that matter to you most.

Started as an advocacy project by Laura Ahn, MA, LMHC (owner of CandL Counseling--a minority-owned, woman-owned, socially responsible business), we are addressing the mental health needs of communities of color/culture. (See the Surgeon General's report on disturbing "disparities in the mental health services" for ethnic minorities for more information.)

If you have any questions about using this site, please contact us at (425) 310-2356 or e-mail admin@multiculturalcounselors.org