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WELCOME! The Washington Counselors of Color Network serves an array of ethnic clients needing counseling and therapy from providers who understand the specific needs of people of color and various cultures. As licensed therapists and counselors, we have a variety of backgrounds, experiences, ethnicities and language skills needed to assist many ethnicities in Washington.

The power of the therapeutic alliance created between client and counselor is greatly enhanced because we understand and respect the religious and/or spiritual beliefs, values, attributions and taboos our clients have in their lives.

As a network of counselors and therapists, we have the ability to assist each other by providing support, tools and shared experiences, to offer our clients of all ages, the combined knowledge of the group, so that they may live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Every counselor member of invites you to search our profiles to find a counselor to meet your needs. We welcome people with diverse challenges from all ages and walks of life to seek us out to answer your questions and provide you support. Whether through individual counseling, workshops, training or group events, our mission is to give our communities a place to find the specific care they need in a safe, nurturing environments.

Find a Washington state counselor that matches your ethnicity, religion or language preference by selecting the options below, then click submit. Or, scroll down to view all counselors.

Ethnicities Counselor Identifies As

(or has Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist designation in)
African (17)
African American (71)
Afro-Caribbean (17)
Arab American (3)
Armenian (1)
Asian American (76)
Asian Pacific Islander (16)
Bangladeshi (1)
Berber (3)
Cambodian (4)
Chinese (29)
Ethiopian (1)
Filipino (20)
German (1)
Hispanic (19)
Indian (21)
Iranian (1)
Israel (2)
Japanese (14)
Korean (14)
Laotian (1)
Latino (30)
Middle Eastern (5)
Multiracial (40)
Native American (7)
Pacific Islander (4)
Pakistani (3)
Polish (2)
Russian (1)
Samoan (2)
Somali (3)
Southeast Asian (7)
Taiwanese (4)
Thai (3)
Ukrainian (1)
Vietnamese (7)
Xicanx/Chicana/Chicano (4)
Sri Lankan
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Counseling Languages

(in addition to English)
Cantonese (2)
Dari (1)
Farsi (1)
French (2)
German (1)
Haitian Creole (1)
Hindi (8)
Japanese (7)
Kannada (1)
Korean (2)
Mandarin (6)
Marathi (1)
Polish (2)
Portuguese (2)
Pushtu (1)
Somali (2)
Spanish (20)
Swahili (1)
Tagalog (5)
Tamil (1)
Telugu (3)
Thai (2)
Tigrinya (1)
Toisanese (1)
Turkish (3)
Twi (1)
Vietnamese (2)
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(trained in / integrates into counseling)
Buddhism (23)
Christianity (42)
Hinduism (9)
Islam (12)
Judaism (11)
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