Kaori Oto, LMFTA

Sex: Female

Description of Counselor/Practice

I am specialized in supporting individuals and couples seeking meaningful relationships. Wile (1993) said, “A great deal of conflict is about the conversation a couple never had." The majority of couples separate without having the conversation. That is the tragedy, more than the separation itself. Then, how do you know you can make it through in the next love? How do you create a quality relationship? How do you determine he or she is your life partner? Is it possible to feel close once again? Those questions are not easy to ask or answer. I help couples to have the conversation and find the path forward. I use evidence-based methods including Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman Method Couple Therapy. I also embrace working with individuals with identity issues because of the color of skin, sexuality, gender, age, or family background. I view problematic behaviours including anxiety and depression as adapted solutions to the trauma, a painful past. As a bicultural and bilingual therapist, I believe love and resiliency are universal. I welcome people of all races, ethnicities, national origins, religions, sexual identities, gender identities, relationships, and marital statuses. 日本語でご連絡下さい。

Phone: (206)369-2212



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Adults Age:19-64
Seniors Age:65+

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Northgate Medical Dental Plaza
9714 3rd Ave, NE, Suite 100
Seattle WA 98115


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