Isha Sengupta (she/her), MS.Ed, MPhil, LMHCA

Description of Counselor/Practice

Healing is a journey, not to a certain state of being, but rather a journey to the development of an inclination to illuminate with curiosity and kindness the parts of ourselves that have been silenced, rejected and shrouded in darkness. It is the inclination to navigate ourselves, our identities, our communities and the world in ways that honor our indigenous narratives and authenticity (whatever that may mean for us in that moment). At times it may mean sitting in the pain and ’stuckness’ of the things we cannot change or control, but it is also the inclination to see the agency in radical acceptance and the strength in surrender. As an immigrants or children of immigrants parts of you may always feel like an intruder no matter where you are. It may feel like there is no place where all of you can feel at home. Our identities and sense of self-often become interpersonal and interdependent, owing to lack of ‘whole’ belonging to the spaces and geographical locations we move through, so community and connectedness IS often the way we understand ourselves. The ’self’ and the ‘other’ are not separate entities, and together we can navigate this in a way that you align with, rather than using the often pathologizing lens of separating it. Therapy can be a place where you feel safe enough to let out the ‘messiest' parts of you. It can be a place where you begin building a place to call home, which includes 'decolonizing’ of Eurocentric, white supremacist and capitalist narratives. I don’t have the answers, but I will bring curiosity, unconditional acceptance, gentle challenging and humor to the table. I am also passionate about helping people navigate existential concerns and their existential journeys, as well as their relationship to their bodies and food. I practice from a queer centered, intersectional feminist perspective.

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Adults Age:19-64

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Whole Valley Therapy
15315 1st Ave NE, Suite 216
Duvall WA 98019

Organization: Whole Valley Therapy

Offers online counseling

Available for consult

Cost: $130 per session

College: University of Pennsylvania

Degree: MS.Ed, MPhil

Year Graduated: 2020

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