Ashley Gangadean, MA, LMHC

Description of Counselor/Practice

There is a point you have come to where you know something in your life is not in harmony. Either you feel disconnected from yourself, your values, your purpose, and/or in relationship with others. You have grown accustomed to behaving, thinking, and feeling in certain ways that have become how you identify and what is true to you. The truths by which you live by often dictate how you relate to yourself and to the world around you. When you engage in the healing process of counseling, you dare to examine the stories you live your life by (that no longer serve you). Through a collaborative process based on trust and sense of safety, we will be able to examine the dissatisfaction you feel, the hurts and wounds you carry, and find ways to engage in growth and transformation to create your best self and life. The empowerment you will experience through healing wounds and re-defining yourself, are some of the most vital steps one can take in life. Healing never stops, but healing can become easier with commitment and dedication to self-improvement. I will walk alongside you and witness you as your authentic self. No matter what your identities are, where you are from, or your history, I will honor you through providing a nonjudgmental and empathic space to find the peace you deserve. My approach to counseling is founded upon social justice values and intersectional feminism. Other approaches include existential, humanistic, client-centered, strength-based, mindfulness, and narrative theories. I specialize in many areas of need including trauma, identity, LGBTQ+ issues, oppression, relationships, depression, anxiety, spirituality, and grief and loss.




Ethnicities Counselor Identifies As
(or has Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist designation in)

Asian American

Languages Counseling Provided In
(in addition to English)


(trained in / integrates into counseling)


Client Types


Client Ages

Adults Age:19-64
Seniors Age:65+

Insurance Accepted



Online Therapy Only

Seattle WA 98199

Organization: Ashley Gangadean Counseling, PLLC

Offers sliding scale

Offers online counseling

College: Antioch University

Degree: MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Year Graduated: 2019

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