Eve Ruby, MSW, LICSW

Description of Counselor/Practice

Wherever you’ve been, however you’ve arrived, I’m glad you are here. To me, therapy is about taking time and space to listen to our bodies and emotions, with the hope of allowing us to reconnect with our inherent wisdom. We don't lose touch with this wisdom by accident. Trauma, unhealed wounds, and oppression separate us from our wisdom and intuition, and impact our ability to access all parts of ourselves. You and your body carry so much, from the grief and resilience of those who came before you, to the stress of everyday life. You were never meant to carry it all on your own. I aim to hold space for the complexities of your story and navigate a path to understanding these experiences and their impact. In doing so, I hope to support you in feeling a greater sense of freedom and agency in the world. I work individually with adolescents and adults using a blend of emotion-focused, narrative, feminist, multicultural, attachment-based and somatic approaches. My multicultural counseling perspective is informed by my intersecting identities as a queer woman, and biracial/black therapist of color. I believe that we cannot separate our emotions and experiences from the body that holds them. When we increase our somatic awareness of sensations such as temperature, pressure and movement, it provides us with a source of information and a deep way of connecting with ourselves and our needs I currently live in the Atlanta area but am still seeing Washington clients virtually.

Phone: 404-590-0159‬



Ethnicities Counselor Identifies As
(or has Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist designation in)

African American

Languages Counseling Provided In
(in addition to English)


(trained in / integrates into counseling)


Client Types


Client Ages

Adults Age:19-64
Teens Age:13-18

Insurance Accepted



WA 30134

Organization: Eve Ruby Therapy LLC

Offers sliding scale

Offers online counseling

WA approved supervisor

Available for consult

Cost: $150 per session

College: University of Vermont

Degree: MSW

Year Graduated: 2018

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