Yanely Aceves, MS, LMHC

Description of Counselor/Practice

I am a Latinx-American licensed therapist. I offer counseling in English and Spanish. I utilize a holistic lens and invite exploration regarding all aspects of life that are creating barriers for feelings of happiness, security, stability, and safety. I enjoy integrating other ways of knowing into my work with clients and invite the use of spirituality, astrology, numerology, human design, and integration of plant-medicine experiences when requested by clients. I have worked with a diverse variety of clients and has supported them through the following challenges; Anxiety, Depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (including but not limited to experiencing or witnessing physical abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence), Emotional Regulation, Life Challenges, Multicultural Challenges, Grief and Loss. I utilize a client-centered approach and moves at the speed of the therapeutic relationship that is built between my clients and I. I work collaboratively with my clients and help empower them by supporting them in moving out of “survival” mode and into a space where they can begin to engage with curiosity, play, and creativity again.

Phone: 4258006187



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(or has Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist designation in)


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Adults Age:19-64
Teens Age:13-18

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Le Center for Health & Wellness
15015 Main ST Suite 210
Bellevue WA 98007

Organization: Le Center for Health & Wellness

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