Sahro Diriye, MSW, LSWAIC

Description of Counselor/Practice

My name is Sahro Diriye and I provide therapeutic services for clients dealing with anxiety, trauma/PTSD, depression, addiction, and interpersonal relationship with self and others. I approach therapy by exploring psychological problems that are often results of childhood trauma and repressed impulses. The goal is to bring these problems to light and to find balance by decreasing the guilt associated with those repressed impulses. I provide client centered therapy, a technique in which the client can express themselves without judgment and bias. I specialize in evidence-based practices to develop cohesive. I'm trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) by changing negative thinking. I use mindfulness therapy and motivational interview therapy to help ease stress tension in the mind and body. I offer support, understanding, and objectivity that most friends and family cannot. Everyone is dealing with something, and it takes a strong individual to ask for help with their stressors in life. There are ways to help you come to grips with problems in your life. You deserve to be happy. Let's figure out your goals. Take the first step to help. Email me.

Ethnicities Counselor Identifies As
(or has Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist designation in)


Languages Counseling Provided In
(in addition to English)


(trained in / integrates into counseling)


Client Types


Client Ages

Adults Age:19-64
Seniors Age:65+
Teens Age:13-18

Insurance Accepted




WA 98030


Offers sliding scale

Offers online counseling

WA approved supervisor

Cost: $65 per session

College: University of Washington

Degree: Masters of Social Work

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