Kiarra Hehn, MA, LMHCA, CDPT

Description of Counselor/Practice

I trust that within you lies all the answers, best decisions and intuition to direct you toward your best self. You are the expert of your life and I am the supporter. My goal is to act as a fellow traveler on your journey and remind you to listen to self, allow you to learn self and gain that trust, while removing distractions of the world and helping guide you in directions should you lose sight, or feel lost along the way. Your part in this journey is to show up as honestly as possible, open-minded and willing to allow yourself space to grow. My approach is rooted in bringing all parts of an individual/s into this space. I look at therapy as an inclusion of a person's foundation which includes their culture, lived experiences, trauma, relationships, environment, mental, physical, spiritual and financial belief systems and how that plays a role in their life today. I incorporate different methods from a variety of evidence based practices but also include what feels appropriate and culturally authentic to my client, we can work together to determine best practices moving forward. I am open to this space being used as a place where we navigate hardships, sit in discomfort, unlearn what no longer sustains you, and learn new ways that create better relationships and quality of life most importantly with self, and next with others.

Phone: 253-409-7413



Ethnicities Counselor Identifies As
(or has Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist designation in)

African American
Native American

Languages Counseling Provided In
(in addition to English)


(trained in / integrates into counseling)


Client Types


Client Ages

Adults Age:19-64
Teens Age:13-18

Insurance Accepted



Physical Location
903 E Main St. Suite 203
Auburn WA 98002


Offers sliding scale

Offers online counseling

Available for consult

Cost: $140 per session

College: University of Washington

Degree: Master of Applied Psychology in Child and Adolescent Prevention and Treatment

Year Graduated: 2021

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